Individual Home Owners

Individual Home Owners

WGL Stoneclean – “Your Midwife for the Rebirth of your Property”

WGL Stoneclean can boast that they are the most innovative refurbishment contractors in Yorkshire with the development of many new and improved cleaning methods. They intend to become recognized as the best first impression generator in the North of England. They are, in their words, the essential midwives to a property’s rebirth.

They operate according to your requirements, they negotiate a brief with you, and they design case specific achievable objectives to render your home or property the most desirable in your area.

The housing market is in an even more competitive state than it was five years ago, if such a thing is possible. With the spread of characterless new housing, the owners of buildings that have some style, be it stonework, brick or masonry that requires rejuvenation, you have a unique proposition a building that has its own personality. We believe that it is both an opportunity and an obligation that the owners of such buildings present building facades that illustrate the character and personality of the structure whether you are looking to sell; or immediately improve your recent and valuable acquisition.

We should also add that recent research work carried out by Dr Martha Zurakowska at the University of the West of Scotland has proven unequivocally that cleaning masonry has a long-tern beneficial effect.

The innovative cleaning methods we have developed have arisen from two principal objectives: to do minimal harm to the building structure and to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as we reveal the often surprising beauty and colour of masonry long hidden under many years of air borne pollution. Unless there is paint to be removed, we no longer employ abrasive blast cleaning methods on the external elevations of buildings as they cause, in our opinion unnecessary degrees of damage. Using milder acid dilutions than our competitors coupled with the use of hot water and steam generators we are able to remove carbon staining quickly, efficiently, with little damage to the substrates and with minimal impact on the environment. The results of our cleaning operations can often be quite startling as a whole spectrum of stone colours from grey to bright yellow is revealed.