October 2014

The Building The Council Did Not Want Cleaned.

Penn House is a Grade II listed building that has stood on the corner of Bootham and St Marys in York for nearly 200 years. In 2013, the owner of Penn House, David Coidan formally requested planning permission to clean and repair the building. He mad his application on the knowledge that WGL Stoneclean had successfully cleaned and restored 51 Bootham in 2009 and had been awarded the York design award for listed buildings in 2010. 51 Bootham is about 70 metres from Penn House. Mr Coidan was therefore stupefied when planning permission was refused! Mr Coidan eschewed his right to appeal to York Council and with our assistance made an appeal directly to the Secretary of State, who promptly gave him permission.

We commenced work in March 2014 and completed the works in May. The brickwork was cleaned with our Steamacc Process – a mild acid spray with a super-heated steam wash off that was verified by the University of Leeds, Department of Civil Engineering as causing minimal damage to masonry. We also patch pointed the elevations, replaced some bricks, filled in holes and stabilised some cracks. The stunning results are shown below. In place of a black monolith standing testament to 200 years of Industrial airborne pollution, there is a stunning building built with hand made yellow bricks streaked with metal salts giving the bricks orange and brown colourations.

So far we have not received one complaint from a York resident at the ruination of one of their “dark, satanic mills”.